Our Mission

To revolutionise the landscape of foreign exchange by championing fairness and transparency in every transaction.
We're committed to ensuring that every customer gets a fair deal for every exchange
FX brokers operate within a framework where they purchase currency, typically from banks or intermediaries, at the 'interbank' rate.

While they incur a minor 'spread' cost, usually within the range of 2-7 pips, they subsequently mark up the rate they provide to their clients.

Our belief is simple: these markups should be fair.

What does fair look like?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer, and the price you pay for foreign exchange services can vary depending on the services you receive, the types of contracts you use, the volume of transactions, the currencies involved, and if there is a cost of credit.

But, for straightforward spot conversions, we think a fair markup from the wholesale exchange rate hovers around the 0.5% level, with better pricing for larger conversions.

Our Cost Calculator tool empowers you with the ability to compare the rate you're offered against your bank or broker's approximate cost rate.